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‘Lemonade’: A Refreshing and Intriguing Album

What can be more refreshing than a tall glass of Iced Lemonade with crisp mint sprigs on top? Probably five years earlier I did not have the answer, but now I do. It is undoubtedly Beyonce’s Lemonade. Yes it is about heartbreak, and yes it is about how messed up relationships and marriages have become. But what’s most important to note is that the smooth, flowing lyrics and superb, head-shaking music coming from the musical legend, makes it all the more amazing.

How messed up is the ‘Life of Pablo’?

Life is never picture postcard, real life is always a mess and nothing depicts it better than Kanye West’s ‘The Life of Pablo’. There’s nothing more electrifying than the distinct twang of an electric guitar, and when you combine that with the head-shrinking notes of West, you get a riveting album that gives you a bag of mixed emotions. But more than anything else, you’ll feel that you are much saner and less messed up in comparison to this musical madman!

Where is this Blackstar going to lead you?

If you’re a fan of richly-textured eccentricity in the form of music and razor-sharp writing, then you must get hold of the latest Dawid Bowie album at the earliest! What amazes me is the diversity of work that Bowie has done so far. You could literally feel the erotic dystopia in ‘Girl loves me’ and ‘Tis a pity she was a wh**’, so this collection is comparatively subtle and a spin apart from his previous work. A true indulgence for your soul!

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