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On The Road – Touring The Smart Way

All successful bands tour at one point or another, if you don’t you’re nothing more than a recording artist – not a real band. It is a right of passage, something which will make or break your relationship with your fellow band-mates and above all great fun!

However if you’ve never toured before there are some really important tips you’re going to want to take note of:

Get a reliable van for travelling in – There is nothing worse than being between gig destinations and breaking down. Not only will this be a costly repair bill for a roadside mechanic, it could make you miss your performance (a big no no).

Put any non-essential kit in storage – Most venues have a lot of kit available for you to use, so you don’t need to tour with a whole stage in the back of your van. Of course your main luggage will be your guitars, drums, leads, pedals and PA. But you probably won’t need your own amps or any of the ‘static’ kit for a gig.

Get insurance – No it’s not rock n roll, but getting insurance for your trip can save you being left peniless, injured, stranded and many other things.

Bring ear plugs and sleeping pills – life on the road is brutal, don’t be fooled. Late nights, long hours and lots of sweat. You will likely need to sleep at awkward times, in awkward places so why not have a little help?

Most of all – have fun!

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