Unique Albums To Consider

Wonderful Crazy Night

When you are on your way towards glorification, a grandiose album such as Wonderful Crazy Night comes your way. A creation of Elton John, this has soothing compositions, and has a whole range of rave reviews. This in comparison to the mixed review of ‘The B%*&^ at Peace’.

Full Circle

If nostalgia is what you aim at invoking, Loretta Lynn does it with great finesse. Representing the loveliest notes of Country Music, the traditional numbers are more than beautiful. When you introspect at a deeper level, Full Circle is actually a holistic life story. You can associate with it, more than anything else, and that definitely strikes a chord.

A Moon Shaped Pool

Technology has its pros and cons, and when rock music all set to explore this area, the resulting art form is quite interesting. Vocalizing the dehumanizing effects of technology is not a mean feat, but this number from Radiohead gets it just right. Even if you happen to be the most cynical person on earth, you will find your emotional center somewhere in this inspiring composition. It’s virtually impossible to remain unaffected by the symphony, beats and lyrics.

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